Digital Collateral Produced:
Responsive Websites • HTML5 Rich Media Display Ads • Web Applications • Tablet and Mobile Applications • Flash Rich Media Display Ads
HTML Email Marketing Campaigns • UX Wireframes • Production Ready Illustrator and Photoshop files

Markup Languages proficient with:

Scripting Languages proficient with:
Javascript • ActionScript

Javascript Libraries proficient with:
jQuery • GSAP • Twitter Bootstrap • Backbone.js • Angular.js • Mootools

MVC Frameworks proficient with:
Cake PHP • Robotlegs

Software proficient with:
Flash • FlashBuilder • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • QuarkXpress • OmniGraffle • PowerPoint

Some of the many Clients I’ve worked with:
Acura • Volkswagen • ABC • NBC • Saab • GMC • Intel • Verizon • American Express • Bank of America • HSBC • Wired Magazine • Milk • Johnson & Johnson • Vogue • Calvin Klein • Pfizer • Novo Nordisk • Degree • XM Satellite Radio • Bank of Montreal • Irish Allied Bank

About Me:
I recently relocated to Southern California. I lived in NYC for the past 21 years with time also spent in London. Working for global clients, I’ve been active every hour in every time zone—spending late nights to complete tight deadlines for clients in Europe or Asia was not uncommon. While living in London, I also worked for clients in San Francisco and Montreal.

At one of my first graphic production positions in the early to mid 90s (when Mac Desktops and Adobe Software were becoming more and more widely used as tools of production) I was tapped to manage a small production staff due to my ease of transition to new technology and my attention to every detail of projects.

In the late 90s, I freelanced as a Print and New Business presentation production artist. I worked for many advertising agencies in NYC: Ogilvy and Mather, J Walter Thompson, and Interpublic Groups, Foot Cone and Belding, Draft Worldwide and Bozell. In 2000, I was hired full time at Bozell where I enjoyed a creative and sustaining 10 year relationship.

At Bozell, which eventually merged with Lowe Worldwide, I was given many leadership opportunities. I was asked to head up the Saab and GMC team, running a computer system which produced 100s of monthly regional personalized ads. I was also chosen to head up the New Business Team with many pitches and producing various materials. I was also asked to direct our award show production helping to design and produce several ads for the Cannes Film Festival.

While at Lowe, due to my knowledge of New Media, I was given the task of editing the company website. I was also asked to brand web applications that proved to be an asset management solution for our Clients. It was then that our new business team started producing microsites for our presentations. I was also asked to head up a team developing consumer standard and rich media banners. Our team was responsible for the worldwide launch of Intel’s well known Server Selector ads, launching ads in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. Other clients we produced rich media banners for were Milk, Pampers and Sharp Aquos. We also were responsible for re-developing Samsung websites smartphone products page.

As Lowe disbanded its New York presence, I started freelancing for Conde Nast producing many Rich Media Banner ads. I also freelanced for Monitise developing many iPhone and iPad banking web applications. I once again worked full time freelance for Visual Alchemy where I developed many Pharmaceutical Kiosk applications. I also produced UX wireframes for pre-approved website production.

My 21 years experience spans many different types of industries: Automobile accounts, pharmaceutical companies, financial and consumer banking, fashion industry, the food industry and publishing. I very much enjoy the challenges of coming up with production solutions to meet the needs of specific projects.